Genuine Eyes

Genuine Eyes

“If we can’t see things as they genuinely are, it’s hard to create what we’d really like.” – Dr. Jennifer Howard

Seeing things as they are can sometimes be challenging for even the most grounded.  Right now I am challenged by bridging the gap between thinking positive/holding the highest vision & seeing the situation for what it truly is.  Infinite Spirit tells me that visioning and visualizing the highest outcome can really only apply to things which are within my power.  When it comes to influencing others, it is best I look at the reality of how this person is behaving and use that as a marker for how to proceed; remembering that every living being has free will.  I can vision and have the best thoughts and intention towards another person & after that it is time to shift my focus back to where I can exercise influence – to myself & my behavior.

On a personal level, I can change my reactions and interactions with this person.  I find that this space is one of the best places to begin the healing when dealing with a painful situation or relationship.  First, I benefit by seeing things as they truly are & accepting them.  For example, “this situation is not working, time to move on."

Second, I forgive the situation & the person, moving me through the grief process. 

Third, I identify my participation & how that participation has contributed to the discord. 


Fourth, I take the responsibility by working on my hang-ups and issues, taking the time to honor myself by using my healing tools.  Whether it be reading, writing, or an appt with an energy healer, massage therapist or counselor, to get to the bottom of my issues, it is important I take the responsibility to heal myself.


Easier said than done, but the more I do this, the easier I can bounce back from the trauma.  Yes, I backslide on occasion, and the rewards are so much greater when I just forgive myself, move on and focus on the things that are within my power. 


By remaining in a prayerful, gracious mind set realizing that by being in constant communication with the Infinite Spirit I am consciously a part of my own healing and transformation – each day gets me closer to my innate creativity & closer to things I really like.