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Resources We Share


Energy Healing FAQ


Clairvoyance, Intuition, & What to Look for in an Energy Practitioner
What Is Accurate Clairvoyance and Intuition? Intuition is also known as the sixth sense, inner knowing and infinity within. It’s that “spidey” sense, a creeping feeling, a strong hunch.
Soul Connect: Small Miracles by Jolé Morton
Oftentimes, “small miracles” added up are what lead to the “big miracle.” Achieving a goal can be two-fold. Two-fold being the big picture and the small steps. The big picture could be getting a new job. A small step could be re-tooling the resume after months of procrastinating.
Soul Connect: Authenticity - The Real You by Laurie Lamson
Where are you on a scale of 1 - 5 in becoming aligned with your Real Self? Get more connected with the Real You. The Real You in Relationships.
Soul Connect: A New Love Paradigm by Laurie Lamson
Out-dated, old-school concepts about love and sex promote limiting beliefs and expectations, which inevitably lead to disappointment. It’s time to consider a new paradigm for modern lovers...

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The chakras are an essential part of our physical health and spiritual well-being. In Sanskrit the word chakra means “vortex” or “spinning wheel.” This is a reference to how energy flows through our body, with each wheel corresponding to certain locations and functions within the body

Working with chakras is an ancient tradition which has, to some degree, been hidden. These techniques date back thousands of years and have scientific validity.

By working with our chakras, or “vortexes of energy,” we can transform our lives for the better. This work allows us to self-partner and integrate any soul disconnection, bridging the gap between who we appear to be and who we really are at our core: beings of magnificent potential.

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Thank you for viewing my videos and giving me permission to help you heal yourself. - Jolé Morton

Inner Yoga: 23 Simple Self-Care Tools for Peace, Healing & Authentic Empowerment

Life can be overwhelming.

Everyone faces challenges... insecurity, disappointment, frustration, self-doubt, worry, depression, exhaustion, money troubles, relationship problems, physical ailments,...and the list goes on.

It's easier than you think to feel better - quickly.

Inner Yoga is a handy compilation of fun and easy self-care tools that really work.
• lighten up and feel good about yourself
• become more present, grounded, creative
• have more positive and loving interactions with others
• even tap your body's innate ability to heal itself!

Like regular yoga, these simple techniques will stretch you, while increasing your strength and resilience.

With a little practice, these "quick fixes" can become healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit. Soon you will be able to count on them as friends and allies on your journey through life.

Guided meditations, books, and other recommended resources coming soon.