Services We Offer

Services We Offer

We've developed customized approaches to help people and places heal their energy and raise the vibration.

Gently expanding your perspective and recovering from limiting beliefs and past traumas naturally increases authentic empowerment, inner freedom, love, peace, and joy – as you become more in harmony with your own Soul.

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Energy Healing: Soul Medicine & Chakra Clearing

Addresses specific problems and empowers your body’s innate healing ability. It connects you with your source energy, your own soul, the power of unconditional love… the Real You.


Intuitive Reading

Life-affirming intuitive readings validate your inner wisdom and get you more connected with your personal power to unlock your limitless possibilities.


Soulful Space Clearing

When a home, office or vacation property is cleared of interference, healed of trauma, and infused with powerful positive energy, your surroundings become much more conducive to your wellbeing and productivity.


R/Evolutionary Entertainment for Events & Parties

Our popular life-affirming tarot card readings and expert chakra healings help break the ice and uplift any gathering by promoting interesting conversation and positive vibes.


Energy Clinic & Group Sessions

The Soul Connect Energy Clinic helps you understand the healing process, expand your perspective on life, and gently take charge of your own energy. Customized to specific topics for groups on request.