Energy Healing FAQ

Energy Healing FAQ

1. Why do we need Energy Healing?

Since drugs and surgery carry such a high risk of harm, they would ideally be used only as a last resort, not the first.  But in our society, we are conditioned to turn to drugs and surgery as a first resort for our healthcare. 

Energy healing can be combined with drugs, surgery or other healing modalities to maximize benefits, speed up recovery, reduce any harmful effects and get to core issue, so the individual doesn’t recreate the illness.

By tapping the power of the unconscious mind and the body’s natural life force, energy healing is a seemingly miraculous way to manifest profound results on all levels – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

2. What is Energy Healing?

A sophisticated, yet natural, holistic, effective way to work with the energy that underlies, connects and supports all life: life force energy, source energy or some call it Divine energy.

There are many modalities. Our toolkit of effective techniques combines Theta Healing (see below), intuitive energy medicine and several other concepts and approaches customized to individual needs.  Altogether we call our approach Soul Medicine.

This process allows us to identify and clear interferences and traumas while integrating new, more beneficial patterns – of constructive thought, harmonious behavior and physical health.

3. Is this like Reiki?

Reiki is perhaps the best-known modality of energy healing.

In a way, yes, we are also working with the life force / infinite field of energy that surrounds and connects us all and supports all of life. We are just working with it in a more specific way.

Chakra Healing is the modality we use that is most similar to Reiki, but without touch. It helps clear you of the stresses and interfering energies you are ready to release.

Soul Medicine is more specific – we work with your energy, conscious mind and unconscious mind to pinpoint and resolve core causes of negative emotions, limiting beliefs, emotional traumas and physical challenges.

4. What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a powerful yet safe way to replace the ineffective ‘software’ of negative tapes running in the unconscious mind (and running your life) with more positive beliefs and feelings for a better life experience.

Introduced by Vianna Stibal, Theta Healing is a meditative/light trance technique to access a deep unconscious brainwave while awake so we can re-write the negative ‘software’ (repetitive thoughts, beliefs, programming and patterns) in our unconscious minds.

Theta Healing is a large component of Soul Medicine, yet we have made it our own with efficient protocols and by combining it with other energy healing techniques.


  • Beta – thinking, conscious mind
  • Alpha – more relaxed than Beta – in the body, present – gateway to Theta, hypnotic state
  • Theta – even more relaxed – can look at repressed pictures/emotions more neutrally and start to purify from them (dreaming or lucid dreaming state)
  • Delta – deep sleep

5. What are some things Energy Healing can help with?

  • Insecurity, low self-esteem, self-doubt, dread, free-floating anxiety
  • Addiction, sexual dysfunction, depression
  • Resolving and healing unconscious blocks to success
  • Releasing automatic negative thoughts and emotions
  • Physical symptoms and illness

6. What are some of the benefits of Energy Healing?

  • Increased self-love quotient
  • Improved physical health, energy levels, and overall vitality
  • Speedy recovery from illness and surgery
  • Reconnecting with personal power
  • Uncovering a calling, life purpose or mission
  • Increased prosperity potential
  • More harmonious and fulfilling relationships with self, family and friends

7. How do I prepare for an Energy Healing?

Willingness to grow and heal is the main prerequisite. We suggest you begin to identify what you want to change:

  • life patterns (feeling stuck, always falling for the wrong guy or gal, addictions)
  • physical symptoms (sore neck, allergies, headaches, asthma)
  • negative thoughts and feelings (rage, fear, guilt, depression, suicidal)

Do drink plenty of water before (and after) - preferably also with a mineral supplement.  Energy is conducted through the water and minerals in your body, so you want plenty.

8. What to expect after Energy Healing?

The rubber band of your life has been stretched forever and it can take time to adjust to a more aware, expanded consciousness and higher vibration.  With this process, you may feel nothing but relief and improvement – even unexpected benefits such as sleeping better.  

When there is a lot to heal, as in long-standing chronic issues, there can be a period of discomfort, physical detox and/or new awareness of buried emotions (a “healing crisis” or “growth period.”)  Drinking plenty of water helps, as does our Soul Bath.  Try to have compassion for yourself and know this is a positive sign.

Remember your Higher Self is always protecting you.  Generally people recognize any changes as improvement, and that it is worth a little discomfort to gain higher awareness and lasting results.  You may feel quite tired as your brain and body adjust, so get plenty of rest – take a nap!

We recommend monitoring your progress, perhaps in a journal, to observe the changes in mind and body.  Usually we become more neutral in situations that used to bother us and forget past worries.  Observe the small miracles as they are stepping stones to the big ones!  It helps promote your healing to acknowledge and give thanks for all the positive changes.