INNER YOGA: 23 Simple Self-Care Tools for Peace, Healing & Authentic Empowerment

INNER YOGA: 23 Simple Self-Care Tools for Peace, Healing & Authentic Empowerment

Life can be overwhelming.

Everyone faces challenges... insecurity, disappointment, frustration, self-doubt, worry, depression, exhaustion, money troubles, relationship problems, physical ailments,...and the list goes on.

It's easier than you think to feel better - quickly.

Inner Yoga is a handy compilation of fun and easy self-care tools that really work.
• lighten up and feel good about yourself
• become more present, grounded, creative
• have more positive and loving interactions with others
• even tap your body's innate ability to heal itself!

Like regular yoga, these simple techniques will stretch you, while increasing your strength and resilience.

With a little practice, these "quick fixes" can become healthy habits for the mind, body and spirit. Soon you will be able to count on them as friends and allies on your journey through life.

Inner Yoga is a must-read book for self-development and healthy self-care made easy!

What people are saying:

"Very useful information for calming down, self-love, intuitive healing, listening to and observing thoughts. And easy-to-do little exercises. This book would be perfect for anyone struggling with self-esteem, fear, PTSD and anxiety. Good job!" - Lisa Lapides Sawicki, Life / Relationship / Self / Dating Coach, former PR professional

"Your book is really nice and useful! Thank you!! It's a kind of book we all should carry in our bags at all times." - Alicia Soler, Physicist at Delft University, Netherlands

"I was pleased to learn some new exercises for calming and positive thinking. Well done on putting in items from other cultures, too. The New Zealand and Hawaiian ones, along with all the others, seem very helpful." -Pamela Jaye Smith, MYTHWORKS