Small Miracles

Small Miracles
section of "Many Moods" by Annabel Ruffell

Oftentimes, “small miracles” added up are what lead to the “big miracle.”  

Achieving a goal can be two-fold. Two-fold being the big picture and the small steps. The big picture could be getting a new job. A small step could be re-tooling the resume after months of procrastinating. Which can lead to the next steps of actively looking, networking, attending job fairs, etc. Soon, after taking each small step and making those small steps a priority for an extended period of time, that “big miracle” materializes: the new job.

Small miracles happen when the present moment becomes activated or electrified with the energy of positive change. Becoming tuned into gratitude in the early stages by recognizing our progress, no matter how small, we open ourselves to more positive energy shifts. These shifts then fuel our confidence and the impulse to do more.

Let’s draw out this scenario in a different direction. What if you are doing all that and you fail to achieve your goal of a new job? Check your intentions and your passions. Do you truly desire a job? Do you think about doing something else all day? What are your beliefs about jobs and prosperity? And most of all, what is your self-worth quotient? How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel you deserve to achieve your goal?

Visualize a child doing whatever creative thought comes into its head, whether alone or rallying friends. It could be painting, playing, drumming, drawing, biking, etc. Most children instinctively embody this intuitive active creative manifestation flow. They have a creative thought and they set out to manifest it. Then years go by. Hopefully, the child learns to pair this creative energy with discipline, leading them to become a productive member of society.

But with most of us, somewhere along the way those creative and inspiring impulses get pushed down and the ability to move toward our big goals can appear daunting. The productive society member decides on destiny instead of free will. Good thing it's never too late to switch gears, because that intuitive active creative manifestation energy is the stuff small miracles are made of.

Getting off our duffs and following those nudging thoughts that come into our minds such as, “Get on the floor and do those 25 push-ups,” contains the ingredients for a small miracle. Just following that voice – the first one we hear that resonates in our heart and gut – guides us to uncover tangible blessings.

How? Easier said then done, some may say. Yes, this is true. Here are a few ways to you manifest your miracle:

"Fusion" by Adrienne Tararin

1. Forgive and Release the Past.  

As small children we don’t just believe, we KNOW. Yet for some of us, the creative energy flow has been pushed down so far, just beginning to believe in yourself again is a miracle in itself. Finding ways to let go of the past is essential in moving forward. Inertia originates from a spiritual/emotional blockage.

Removing the block(s) causes the physical energy to flow. Meditation, prayer and energy healing are all ‘small miracle’ tools that promote the positive flow that helps dissolve inertia.

2. Cultivate Gratitude for Yourself.  

Miracles are possible and attainable every moment if we can get grateful for ourselves. Gratitude begets miracles. When we come from a frequency of self-forgiveness and self-acceptance it makes it easier to laugh, to move forward and to let go of the past, because we already approve of ourselves (regardless of what we’ve manifested). Creating a timeline journal of accomplishments over a certain period, or going back through pictures from a few years ago can be motivation to congratulate ourselves on our progress… even if what you’ve accomplished is as small as a more flattering hairstyle.

3. Create a Positive Energy Ritual to Start Your Day.

Beginning the day feeling worthy to achieve your goals and knowing that you are allowed to live the life of your dreams takes inner work. I like to do what I call “Haying” or writing out and saying positive affirmations to myself in a mirror (a process I learned from reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life.

4. Take Action on Inspiration.  

Do you ignore or put off your inspirations? Whatever is worth having is worth working for – which is another trait of achieving a goal. We must put in the effort; we must take action on our inspiration. Even if it’s a small step, taking any small step moves you closer to the big miracle. Vast amounts of kindness and encouragement for ourselves along with recognition and gratitude for any progress we make are emotional vitamins that give us the strength to bring inspiration into tangible reality.

5. Find the Gift in Setbacks and Letdowns.  

Small miracles lead us on the path of self-discovery. A small miracle can be disguised as getting fired, or the onset of an illness. Although small miracles can show up in our lives with grace and ease, sometimes it takes a more humbling experience for us to recognize the gifts waiting for us. Getting out of the pain of the problem and focusing on the solution or “the lesson” from the challenging experience one begins to mine for, and find, the gold within.

6. Take an Honest Look at Yourself.  

Without judging yourself, recognize the personal patterns and limiting beliefs that sabotage your best efforts. This takes compassion and integrity of the highest order. We must be willing to look at ourselves – warts and all – and love it or at least work to improve it. This allows us to transform are limitations and gets us closer to the highest vision of ourselves. Wallowing in our foibles just makes us smell bad on an energetic level – the scent is palpable miles away.

As the saying goes, “You attract more bees with honey than vinegar.” The Universe works the same way. What you put out in the ether through thought + word + action materializes, so stay focused on how much you’re learning and growing through your increased self-awareness.

7. Be Honest With Others.  

Taking the time to get familiar with who we are translates into being better able to manage the world around us and to enlist help in achieving our goals.

For instance, are you a morning or evening person? Accepting who you are and owning it by saying something like, “Honestly, 8:00am does not work for me, what about 10:00am?” we are showing our integrity. And people respond – pleasant surprises as well as small miracles are able to present themselves when we tell our truth and make it safe for others to do the same.

8. Let Go of Comparison and Competition.  

By accepting the uniqueness in the many faces of The Divine, we keep our channels free from picking up emotional toxins: petty jealousies, resentments, grudges and judgments.

By trying to learn from, understand and celebrate the differences externally, we keep ourselves clean on an emotional level, which leads to mental and physical clarity. When we evolve and mature in this way, we reap the benefits of self-discovery through healthy boundaries, including discipline fostering the will to manifest desires.

9. Keep Going.  

It can take persistence to manifest big miracles. I mean balls-out persistence. And persistence takes practice. Tending your emotional garden helps the weeds of complacency, apathy and inertia become a distant memory. It is the small steps/small miracles that make anything possible for all of us.

Practice is a small miracle. Each day that we honor ourselves by practicing our ‘art’ or our ‘discipline’ – whatever it may be – mobilizes our excellence. Aligning with the authentic passion within gives us even more access to the Divine power of creation – and if we keep at it, miracles happen.

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