Resolutions That Resonate

Gentle reminder: making a New Year's resolution is just the first step. Achieving any goal is the result of cultivating new habits - of both thought and action.

Resolutions That Resonate

by Laurie Lamson

Happy New Year!

A new year is a natural time to take stock of one's life and and make plans for the coming months. Many of these plans are about achieving goals that we expect will make us happier, healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled.

This is a gentle reminder that a resolution is simply deciding to achieve a goal and/or have a new experience. Making up your mind is just the first step, which is why many resolutions are abandoned by February 1. Achieving pretty much any goal is the result of cultivating new habits - habits of thought and habits of action.

The new habit is the process by which you achieve the goal - it's the bridge to cross to have the new experience of life that you want to enjoy.

Cultivating New Habits of Thought

Affirming that you are worthy, capable, safe, and have permission to have the new experience will set you on the right path. When you do this regularly, whatever may be unconsciously holding you back will make itself known. Then you can resolve it. (Energy Medicine is just one way to do that.)

According to law of attraction experts, the fastest route to a new experience is to imagine what life will be like after you achieved the goal. If you can jump ahead to imagine a brief scene after all that has happened, you can skip over any discomfort about not yet knowing how it will come about.

For example, I want to sell my screenplay and see it made into a magnificent movie that entertains a worldwide audience. Maybe I imagine I'm on a lavish vacation, smelling sunscreen and salty ocean air, feeling warm sand beneath my feet, sipping cold mineral water, overhearing locals discuss characters in the movie.

How does that make me feel? Fulfilled, joyful, free, relaxed, validated, abundant, generous.

You could also simply ask yourself, what will it feel like when such and so happens? Enjoy feeling it.

Repeating one or both of these approaches, especially before you go to sleep, will make it start to feel inevitable - that knowing feeling.

Two awesome YouTube channels packed with manifestation insights and guided meditations, especially from the granddaddy of LOI – Neville Goddard: @JoshuaTongol and @ElmerOLockerjr. More awesome guided meditations: @purarasa.

Also, check out my Soul Connect Radio episode: Feel Good For No Reason.

Cultivating New Habits of Action

You can of course jump right into the actions, but they will unfold more naturally and become more sustainable if you also practice new habits of thought.

Using the above manifesting techniques, new experiences can unfold without any further effort on your part.

More often, you will become more interested in doing the actions that are required to achieve your goal, such as exercising regularly, getting tasks done on time, networking, cultivating friendships, saying "Yes" to invitations more often. (After all, most of our blessings come into our lives through other people ;)

Perhaps you had trouble sticking with an exercise routine and you come across a type of exercise you enjoy so much, you look forward to it - eagerly.

I might seek input from someone else and be inspired to do a fresh rewrite that makes my screenplay more sellable and finance-able.

Healthy Boundaries are self-care tools that can help you cultivate new habits. (Watch for more about that next month.)

Here's some help to make a plan for the new year: