Soul Connect Radio

Soul Connect Radio shares insights, information, techniques and music to help you get more connected with the Real You for a healthier, more joyful and fulfilling life.

Soul Connect Radio

It’s time to connect with more of your inner wisdom. It’s time to connect with more of your authentic power. It’s time to connect with the power of unconditional love. It’s time for Soul Connect!

Soul Connect Radio shares insights, information, techniques and music to help you get more connected with the Real You for a healthier, more joyful and fulfilling life.

Soul Connect Radio was created in 2012 and is perhaps even more relevant today, so we have been re-releasing episodes on Spotify.

Ep. 1: Pilot - What is a Soul?

Intro to Soul Connect Radio and hostess Laurie Lamson - an exploration of different points of view on, What is a soul? Maori healing technique.

Ep. 2: Age of Aquarius with special guest Adrienne Tararin

Artist-Astrologer Adrienne Tararin discusses the Age of Aquarius.

Ep. 3: Tribute to Whitney Houston

A tribute to the ultra talent Whitney Houston, with reading from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. Includes an honest, compassionate talk about addiction, theory on why it is prevalent in creative people, healing.

Ep. 4: Valentine Show

A modern view on love and relationships. Also check out Laurie's article "A New Love Paradigm: Update Your View on Romantic Love."

Ep. 5: Small Miracles - With Special Guest, Jolé Morton

A conversation about recognizing the small miracles and being open to the big ones with special guest, Jolé Morton.

Ep. 6: Feel Good For No Reason

Soul connecting tips and techniques to improve your sense of well-being. See also Laurie's book – Inner Yoga: 23 Simple Self-Care Tools for Peace, Healing, and Authentic Empowerment.

Ep. 7: Dreams – with special guest Lilly Warren

Interview with Lilly Warren (when she was in high school) on how dreams can help you connect with your soul, and Lilly’s own dream theory.

Ep. 8: Jolé Healing Journey, Part 1 - with special guest Jolé Morton

Soul Connect practitioners Jolé Morton and Laurie Lamson had a conversation about Jolé's amazing personal healing journey one night. She had a cold at the time and it was late at night, so we both sound pretty low key.

Ep. 9: Jolé Healing Journey, Part 2 - Positive Thinking - with special guest Jolé Morton

This is a follow up to Episode 8: Jolé’s Healing Journey which was a late-night conversation with Soul Connect practitioner Jolé Morton. In the previous episode we talked about her amazing healing journey. During this same conversation we went beneath the surface on the topic of positive thinking.

Ep. 10: Creativity

Tips to get your creativity flowing, and the Creative Freedom workshop.

Ep. 11: Art Is My Religion - with special guest Edward Goldman

Excited to share my interview with Edward Goldman, an art critic and consultant, and the darling of the Los Angeles contemporary art world. He was a champion of Los Angeles artists ever since he arrived from Russia as a young man and he launched quite a few careers. He has been a regular contributor on several TV shows and had a popular feature radio show called ART TALK on Los Angeles NPR affiliate KCRW for over 20 years. He now sends out a weekly ART MATTERS newsletter.

Ep. 12: Collaboration and Aging Gracefully

Wim Wenders Oscar-nominated documentary, PINA, about modern dance icon Pina Bausch, and the Cirque du Soleil show, OVO, about the secret world of insects, both got me thinking about the importance and rewards of collaboration as well as some of the keys to aging gracefully.

  • How to engage our inner child
  • The difference between childish immaturity and child-like openness and wonder
  • Flexibility
  • The rewards of a multi-cultural lifestyle


PINA soundtrack

OVO soundtrack, including “Flea Girls”


PINA - documentary by Wim Wenders

WINGS OF DESIRE - feature film by Wim Wenders’ - this haunting movie about angels walking among us is a must-see for metaphysical- and spiritually-minded people.

Ep. 13: Black Visionaries - with special guests Michael Ajakwe Jr., Romal Tune, and Lawrence Ray Parker, Jr.

Do you have a large vision or purpose? Have you ever had a big idea but weren’t sure if you could make it work?

Get ready to be inspired and motivated by three very special guys who are breaking new ground in their own unique ways.

My guests are in very different fields but they have something in common: they’re all accomplishing big things by following their inspiration. And they all happen to be African-American, so I call this episode, “Black Visionaries.”

Guests: Michael Ajakwe, Jr., Romal Tune, Lawrence Ray Parker, Jr.


“Closer” by Goapele

“Use the Force” by Jamiroquai

“This Little Light of Mine” from the album Sonic Praise (various artists)


This episode is dedicated to Michael Ajakwe, Jr. who passed away May 31, 2018. Being unaware of his illness, I was truly heartbroken to learn of his death. What a painful reminder how important it is to stay in touch with people we care about. Learn more about Michael.