Soulful Screenwriting workshop series

Soulful Screenwriting workshop series In-Person in Vista, California, & one free Zoom – Select Wednesday Evenings, August 30 – January 10, 2024

Soulful Screenwriting workshop series

In-Person at The Film Hub in Vista, California, and one free Zoom meeting

Select Wednesday Evenings, August 30 – January 10, 2024, 5:30-7:00pm

Soulful Screenwriting helps you explore the soul of a screenplay, and yourself as a writer.

Soulful Screenwriting is not just for screenwriters. Much of what we discuss applys to other forms of dramatic narrative, such as a play or modern novel.

Soulful Screenwriting workshops focus on specific topics, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to attend - or do the whole series at a discount.

Bring a notebook! The series includes in-class writing exercises culled from several of the Now Write! books to help you get out of your own way, get creative juices flowing, and benefit your stories – whether a rewrite or starting from scratch.

Each Soulful Screenwriting meeting begins with a brief guided meditation.

August 30: Class # 1 / Conflict, Stakes & Dilemmas

Key ingredients for a dramatic narrative.

September 13 (date tentative): FREE Zoom session / deep dive into the Coming-Of-Age genre

Sociological, psychological, and thematic elements that will deepen your understanding and spark your imagination about using the Coming-of-Age genre to add emotional depth and resonance to your story.

September 20: Class #2 / Character Development Part 1
What is a character (and what it is not), protagonist & antagonist character development.

October 11: Class #3 / Character Development Part 2 + Thematics
Weaknesses & blindspots and theme & metaphor.

October 25: Extra Session for Halloween / Spec Genre & Steampunk
Overview of genres, magic rules and create an otherworldly antagonist or monster.

November 8: Class #4 / Goal vs Desire and A Master Plan
Tangible goal, intangible desire and the A-story or drive in a dramatic narrative.

December 6: Class #5 / “Happy” Endings and More
Four different types of endings.

January 10: Class #6 / Scenes & Dialogue, and Nonverbal Communication
An intro/exploration into dramatic and cinematic scene writing.


Early Bird Series: $210 (*16% off* Regular Series - expires Friday 8/25)

Regular Series: $250 (*11% off* per Individual Workshop)

Individual Workshop: $40 (please identify which session you would like to attend)

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