Know Yourself & Be True To Yourself

Know Yourself & Be True To Yourself
"Know Thyself" Delphian temple picture by mkooiman

Know Yourself

“Know Thyself" is inscribed in the courtyard at an ancient Delphian Temple, with an exclamation point – it was intended as a command.

Inside each of us is the seed or acorn of our unique potential, our truth, our greatness, our purpose - the reason we’re here. It's what nags at you from inside when you ignore it. Knowing yourself is not just about a laundry list of your characteristics, preferences and foibles. It means feeling, seeing, recognizing, and connecting with your unique inner being and purpose.

Be True to Yourself

Being true to yourself is honoring that purpose, nurturing your acorn, such as learning the necessary skills to act on it, following inspiration for what you want to do in this lifetime. When we embrace that fully, we become fully in harmony and alignment and that's when our own unique acorn, over time, blooms and blossoms. It has to, because this is a universal principle rather than personal.

Universal Principle

A universal principle is always in effect, regardless of what we think. Much of our personal experience is subjective, while a universal principle is more like an objective fact, an inevitability.

For example, when liquid water reaches a certain temperature, it turns into a gas, or solid ice, and it happens regardless of anyone’s personal doubts, beliefs, or opinions about water. Water doesn’t just boil for confident people, or humble people, it boils when it reaches the right temperature to do so.

When a person knows and is true to their inner being, a universal principle is activated. That’s when the path becomes easier, synchronicities arise to give you momentum. When you see someone's career suddenly take off like a rocket.

However, a little acorn does not grow into a mighty oak tree overnight, or a year, or five years. It takes patience. The acorn must be nurtured.

This next time-lapse is an 8-month time span. Notice from the sapling to the tall tree, there’s a lot of shedding of leaves, followed by growth spurts.

What Gets In the Way?

Ignoring your acorn.

Your own and other people’s doubts and negative, limiting beliefs create personal static, human-made confusion and illusion that interferes with being true to yourself and honoring your own unique acorn. The result is being out of alignment with your purpose and feeling unfulfilled.

You're true to yourself - intermittently.

You may know yourself enough to access your purpose and even commit to it. You actively pursue goals inspired by your unique "acorn", but you can only get so far.

What's happening is, as you progress, you come up against your own wall, a "terror wall," made up of a deep unconscious fear or core wound that triggers you into a recurring unconscious pattern. (Our Energy Healing can help resolve this stuff.)

The pattern is kind of like a bad habit that knocks you off-course: procrastination, distractions, overwhelm, self-doubt, boredom, impatience, focusing on others and their desires, diminishing your own purpose as unimportant, being unwilling or unable to complete goals and projects, resisting sharing them with others.

These insidious patterns continue to arise and knock you off course. If that happens often enough, well, water just won't boil at a low temperature, so you start to feel like a hamster on a wheel, getting nowhere. You may tell yourself, I just don’t have what it takes.

That's not true. You do have what it takes. You have an acorn that wants to become an oak tree, and it will, if you let it.

What the pattern or bad habit does is keep you "safe" from having to resolve and get over your own terror wall. Facing the winter when the leaves fall off. It also stops you from being fully true to yourself, owning and sharing the freaky unique acorn of you-ness.

When people become superstars doing what they’re meant to be doing and feeling fulfilled by it – it’s because they worked through the patterns enough to embrace and allow the universal principle to be activated - their acorn burst out of its shell and they allowed it to take root and grow.


Get Curious

With curiosity about yourself and these patterns, patience to work through them to manifest your oak tree, and trust in the universal principle, it will go well because it’s a law of nature, a universal principle that holds true for all.  


I have a unique, special contribution to make.
Everything I do adds beauty, harmony, order and light to the universe.
I am in charge of my destiny.
I’m the builder of my life.

Energy Visualization

Ask your soul or Higher Self to show you a symbol that represents your acorn, your path of most light, your life’s work, your unique potential. If you have trouble seeing it, imagine a ball of light.

Take your symbol or ball of light in your hands and bring it into your heart, letting it energize and radiate light throughout your body, until every cell is aligned with your higher purpose for your life’s work.

Repeat anytime you want to refresh your commitment to be true to yourself.

Inner Yoga

Twenty-three simple self-care tools and exercises that can help you get back on course when you fall into one of the patterns.

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