Being In Gratitude for Thanksgiving, and Beyond

Thoughts and affirmations to cultivate gratitude.

Being In Gratitude for Thanksgiving, and Beyond

Being In Gratitude

According to Mary Morrissey and other teachers, there are three kinds of gratitude.

WHEN OR IF: something happens

FOR: something special that has happened or you received

IN: a state of being

"In gratitude" comes from a habit you can cultivate, it comes from the practice of paying attention, noticing and appreciating the "little things" in life. (See the "gratitude rock" section of The Secret.)

When we practice being in gratitude, our energy becomes more flexible and receptive.

"Every day in every way I want to see, feel and experience more of that which I want to see, feel and experience."

The Anvil Rock, Blackheath, NSW 1960s

Being Present

Being in gratitude calls for being present. It goes both ways: being in gratitude helps us to feel more present and grounded; becoming more grounded and present helps us feel more gratitude, more of the time.

"Being" in the present is much easier said than done.

We tend to wobble between memories of the past, and fears or fantasies about the future. Painful past memories can trigger frustration, anger, hurt, resentment. This can lead us down well-worn paths of shame and blame.

Lack of forgiveness = stuck in the past.

As overwhelming as it can be, allow yourself to feel all the feelings of grief and anger over past experiences.

They will eventually ebb away and be fully released. Focus on what you can learn from the past. You'll naturally find yourself feeling lighter, happier, and more expansive.

“I wish for everyone I have ever met, and will ever meet, to be truly happy, peaceful, and prosperous.”

Wishing Others Well

Wishing others well is equal to, if not more powerful, than wishing ourselves well. When we sincerely wish others well, we allow for the entire whole world to wish us well, and bring us more and more reasons for gratitude.

Let's be real, it can be difficult to wish others well. However, when we practice learning from and releasing the past as described above, it gets a lot easier.

Just like practicing being present and practicing being in gratitude are both paths that lead to and strengthen each other, true forgiveness and the practice of wishing others well are both paths that are like helpmates to each other.

In other words, practicing the habit of wishing others well can be a powerful first step toward recovering from and releasing the past, opening the doors to more and greater possibilities for the future.

“I am in harmony with light, love, self-appreciation, healthy receptivity, expansiveness.”

Being Our Best

The Universe does not give us what we WANT, it gives us what we ARE (vibrationally speaking.)

Therefore, we want to spend as much of our time as possible on the level of light, love, self-appreciation, gentleness toward ourselves and others... that all allows for more receptivity, expansiveness, and experiences to be grateful for!

"Thank you note for every language" by Woodley Wonderworks