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Elevated Planet is a new website that is all about putting the Unity back into CommUnity, feeling good and celebrating life together, turning the negative media on its head and having fun with it. This is also about celebrating creativity and generally enjoying life.

Elevated Planet
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Elevated Planet was co-founded by John Drew & Soul Connect’s Jolé Gabrielle.

Elevated Planet launched last Saturday with a free virtual event, featuring talks by natural intuitive and energy practitioner, Jolé Gabrielle, Aoibhinn Murray, healer & teacher extraordinaire from Ireland, and Laurie Lamson, creator of Soul Medicine and Soulful Space Clearing. See links for each talk below:

Elevated Planet YouTube channel
  1. Jolé Gabrielle: Unearthing your Soul Architecture
  2. Aoibhinn Murray: The Aura and How to Work With It
  3. Laurie Lamson Soulful Space Clearing
  4. Dr Tia Kansara Making the Akash Yours
John Drew

A Message from John Drew: "The Inspiration for Elevated Planet"

I had a personal eureka moment in 2018, following my first psychic medium reading. That reading forced me out of my left-brain, Westernized view of reality into something far more expansive. I knew life would never be the same for me.

The last five years has been spent educating myself to uncover a magnificent truth: that we are not just our "meat-suits", we are in fact immortal spirits having a human experience. And we have way more control over our own lives than I previously thought possible.

I also came to realize that so many of us have faulty conditioning and programming by design, to keep us much less than we are. But we can take back control by stepping out of that fear-based control energy, into our power. I believe this information should be made accessible at a mainstream level, so more people can uncover the joy of realizing their own power.

One thing I learned is that synchronicities in our lives lead us on the path we had intended for ourselves before we were born. One such event for me was when I called in at Mystic Journey Bookstore and met Jolé. She provided me with an amazing reading that told me precisely what I needed to know. I realized she had a profound gift, and from that point onwards I knew my desire to create something that would help elevate consciousness and bring fun back into peoples lives had to involve Jolé!